Rabagast is a production service company with offices in Barcelona, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Montevideo and Asunción. Born in 2002 in Barcelona, we produce commercials, digital content, tv-series/feature films and still shoots – basically anything that requires high end production – together with our production partners from around the globe. We see production service as a partnership of doing great work – not only flawless execution but also being part of creating the kind of magic that can’t be put on a page. Our strongest asset are our production teams; we have the local knowledge, enthusiasm and experience to find solutions for every situation thrown our way. A great example of this was when we, with just under six weeks of prep, shot 81 days on location for Volvo, producing films and stills for four new and very secret trucks. With more than one hundred locations and multiple sets shooting simultaneously in different parts of Spain, it was a huge job that we are very proud of; not only for Volvo placing their trust in us and selecting Rabagast as the uniting link between the production companies involved, but also because of the great material that came out of it. Counting shoot days, it is probably the biggest commercial service job ever done in Spain. We’ve been fortunate to get to work with incredibly talented directors, DoPs, producers and photographers for world brands such as Volvo, Scania, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Adidas, Nike, Spotify, H&M and Levis. We’ve also been lucky to be part of projects that have won Gold and Silver Lions in Cannes.



DIRECTORS & PHOTOGRAPHERS: Adam Berg, Johan Renck, Chris Cairns, Niclas Larsson, Aksel Hennie, Marius Holst, Martin Swift, Jesper Ericstam, Emil Möller, Magnus Härdner, Filip Tellander, Tom Malmros, Niclas Bergman, Mattias Montero, Asger Leth, Thomas Hilland, Roenberg, Henrik Hallgren, Jesper Ganslandt, Markus Jans, Nicklas Fröberg, Hans Petter Moland, Mikael Marcimain, Noe de Paris, Jesper Kouthofd, Tomas Skoging, Christian Lyngbye, Mark Hoffman, Alexander Kayiambakis, Spooner & Bonde, Blinkk, Signe Vilstrup, Magnus Pajnert, Peter Gerhke, Katja Rawhles, Magnus Magnusson, Joel Rhodin, Jenny Gage, Tom Betterton, Alexandra Klever, Agnieszka Doroszewicz, Bastian Glaessner

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